Help Preserve Holy Rosary

Erik & Ginger DiMarco of Edgewater, NJ ask you to join them in helping to preserve the Church of the Holy Rosary. Erik & Ginger will contribute a $1 for $1 matching donation (limited to the first $10,000 in donations) towards restoration, enhancement and maintenance of this local landmark which serves as one of the last remaining community buildings of a bygone era.

Founded in 1904 and constructed between 1907-1910, the Church of the Holy Rosary located at 365 Undercliff Avenue in Edgewater, New Jersey is the last remaining house of public worship in the entire borough. With a rich history of contribution to Edgewater, the Church of the Holy Rosary has stood the test of time over the incredible transformation of Edgewater from a sleepy, pastoral town to a booming industrial center to a vital center on the Hudson River. Overlooking New York City, Edgewater’s population has soared over the past 15 years, and large developments have resulted in the eradication of many historical sites and have dwarfed much of the few remaining landmarks.

The Church of the Holy Rosary has fallen in various states of disrepair, and the donations from this effort will be used to revitalize and reshape the Church so that it can continue its fine work supporting the people of Edgewater and its surrounding communities. Every donation, small or large, will help preserve this important landmark.

All monies, less the processing fees, will go entirely to the church; the DiMarco family will NOT receive any donations, fees or any other monies.

Help Preserve Holy Rosary

Individual donations of $100 or more will be memorialized on a plaque which will be placed in the Church acknowledging the support received. Individual donations of $500 or more will be given special placement on the plaque and acknowledged for twelve months in the weekly Church service bulletins. All other donations will be acknowledged and listed in the Church service bulletin issued at the conclusion of this effort. SYSTEM DEFAULTS TO A $1 DONATION. IF YOU WISH TO DONATE MORE, YOU CAN INCREASE THE QUANTITY WHICH DEFAULTS TO “ONE”.


As always, your generous support is greatly appreciated.