The Ministry of the Word (Lectors)

The Ministry of the Word provides Lay Ministers (“Lectors”) who prayerfully and powerfully proclaim the Word of God at daily and weekend Masses, and special occasions. Those wishing to serve should be persons of great faith and devotion to God’s Word.

Lectors must feel comfortable speaking in public, using a microphone, and making appropriate eye contact. In addition, a Lector must use careful enunciation, proper posture and movement and the correct rate of speed. It is important to be able to gain and keep the attention of the listeners and to convey enthusiasm and reverence.

The reader must be able to commit sufficient quality time for personal preparation and prayer with the assigned reading for the week.

If you have good oral communication skills and a real love for the Word of God, pray and reflect on whether you feel called to proclaim the Word. If so, please speak to Father Jose or contact the Parish Center by email at

After all, as Christians, we are all called to proclaim Christ to the world.