Religious Education

Click HERE for the 2021-22 Registration Package. Print the package, complete all pages by hand, and return same to the Parish Center by September 15th. There is an ADDITIONAL $50 late fee for registrations received after that date.

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The ultimate end for which all persons are created is to enter into a meaningful relationship with God. This can only be fully realized with an awareness of who God is and who we are as His greatest creation. Therefore, the Confraternity of Catholic Doctrine (CCD) was established to provide religious education to children who were not receiving any education in the Catholic faith through their regular schooling.

Holy Rosary’s religious education program is designed and maintained under the direction of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Newark. We seek to provide children with a thorough understanding of the Catholic faith that is relevant for the age and maturity of the students and a necessary component for them to grow in the virtues of faith, hope and above all love. Through instruction, exercises, activities, and worship, the CCD program of Holy Rosary will be an invaluable experience for the children allowing them to grow in mind and heart as they walk the path of Christian discipleship begun at their baptism.

The role of the teachers in the CCD program is not to replace the role of the parent as the primary educators in the faith, but rather complement and build upon those principles that should be taught at home. For this reason, we strongly encourage CCD students to attend Sunday Mass, either in-person or virtually. Parental instruction and support of this program is mandatory throughout the Religious Education program as parents are the first teachers of their children throughout their lives. Children grow in faith, virtue, respect and values by weekly attendance at Mass with their families and with continual learning of our Roman Catholic faith.

About CCD at the Church of the Holy Rosary

CCD at Holy Rosary begins in the first grade and concludes after the reception of the Sacrament of Confirmation in the ninth grade. Our classes run from September until May. The official start date for the 2021-22 school year is September 26, 2021. If your child is being registered for the first time at Holy Rosary, you must also include a COPY of the child’s Baptismal Certificate.

The Sacraments: First Reconciliation, First Communion and Confirmation

Preparation for reception of First Reconciliation (a/k/a: Confession), First Holy Communion and Confirmation involves instruction through the Religious Education program.

Children can be registered as early as six in our CCD program, though this is not necessary if the child is attending a Roman Catholic elementary school.

It takes two years of preparation for First Communion (7 years or older).   It takes two years of preparation for Confirmation (12 years or older).

Confirmation Sponsors

A sponsor is someone who is willing to help a child in their catechesis, as well as in their lifelong spiritual formation, and bears witness to the child’s Confirmation.

In order to be a sponsor for Confirmation (or Baptism), Church Law requires that: (1) the sponsor must be at least 14 years of age; (2) have received the Sacraments of Baptism, Holy Eucharist and Confirmation, and (3) be practicing Catholics and registered in their parish. This means attendance at Mass each week and regular reception of the Sacraments of Eucharist and Penance. Persons who do not attend Mass and receive the Sacraments should not be admitted as sponsors. Sponsors must provide a letter or certificate from their parish attesting to this.  

The Church of the Holy Rosary provides Sponsor Certificates only to parishioners who have been active and contributing members of the parish for at least three months prior to requesting a certificate.

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